Saturday, January 17, 2009

Larry Fitzgerald: Can This Dude be Anymore Beast?

Wow. That's what you would say when you see Larry Fitzgerald catch the hardest passes in all of football. This guy is speechless. He will never drop a ball and will dominate secondaries left and right. You've seen this guy in the playoffs, right? He has 267 yards receiving through two games and is leading all wide receivers in receiving yards by more than 100! That's unbelievable. He had one of the greatest catches I had every seen in the first playoff game, where he adjusted himself in mid air to catch a ball thrown behind him over two Falcon backs. That is amazing.

The only chance the Cardinals have a chance of winning Super Bowl XLIII is if Larry Fitzgerald puts up solid numbers with Anquan Boldin. Fitzgerald and Boldin are the face of the franchise in Arizona now, and you can't lose either one of them. And if Kurt Warner leaves to hit free agency or he retires next year, you need a wide receiver like Fitzgerald or Boldin to help develop Matt Lienart. This is probably the most important player on your team right now. Larry Fitzgerald will become a legend sooner or later.

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