Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII Thoughts

Super Bowl XLIII was exciting, keeping you on your feet every second of the game. The Fitzgerald touchdown was a game changer, but it didn't change the game enough. Santonio's amazing catch was as exciting as Burress's catch last Super Bowl. It was amazing to see him be able to have two feet inbounds and have total control was amazing. That play will be in Super Bowl history.

The running game for the Steelers wasn't the greatest, as Darnell Dockett and the Cardinals D-Line came through the middle and stuffed it up. Willie Parker could gain 5 yards from the outside, but sometimes he would loose 2 yards. The Cardinals ground game was a little better than the Steelers, but they didn't do must better. Arizona decided to pass more, and was able to drive down the field at times, but were very inconsistent.

I like the play calling from Bruce Arians, as they were able to drive down the field in the first quarter. My problem was the play calling in red zone. They weren't able to produce anything in the second quarter when they had two attempts to score from the 5 each time. They ran it on 1st down and got absolutely nothing. The Cardinals weren't really in the red zone, but when they were, they were produced. James Harrison's interception was absolutely beautiful, as he was in right possision at the right time and took it to the house. By the way, that was the longest play in Super Bowl history, as he ran 100 yards.

Dick LeBeau is the best defensive coordinator in NFL history. He was able to make sure Kurt Warner and the wide receivers didn't get too hot to stop. Mike Gandy, the LT for Arizona Cardinals was holding every play on James Harrison and only called holding on him 3 times. It should have been 1st and 50 because of the all of the holdings. Man, I was going crazy watching Gandy hold every single time. I enjoyed this game and this was my 2nd favorite game ever. Super Bowl XL was my favorite and probably one of the most emotional games ever.

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