Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wildcat Thoughts

The wildcat formation this past season has been one of the biggest talks in the NFL. Teams couldn't stop the formation, as teams were able to drive down the field and score almost every time. The Miami Dolphins used the wildcat as their attack, as Ronnie Brown would become the "quarterback" and Chad Pennington went wide. This formation worked well as Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams had good seasons. Ronnie Brown rushed for 916 yards on 214 carries, averaging 4.3 ypc. That is very impressive since he shared time with Ricky Williams, who had 659 yards and had 4.1 ypc. I think the wildcat formation will develop into a full time offense. That really saying something.

Jon Gruden had a joint interview with the Sential and the Tampa Tribune. Gruden thinks that Florida's QB Tim Tebow can change the game. "He's the strongest human being who's ever played the position. Ever," Gruden exclaimed. "He will kick the living **** out of a defensive lineman. He'll fight anybody. He is rare. Tebow is the kind of guy who could revolutionize the game. He's the 'wildcat' who can throw. Most of the teams that have the wildcat back there, it's Ronnie Brown, it's Jerious Norwood, it's whoever you want to say it is. This guy here is 250 pounds of concrete cyanide, man. And he can throw. He throws well enough at any level to play quarterback."

Many people have given up on Tebow, saying he wont be able to play as a QB in the NFL. I haven't given up yet. I think this kid has the talent and heart to play the position. He needs to improve his throwing though and take some more snaps under center. If he improves on his arm, he could surprise people. He is able to throw a lot better than a running back and can power the ball down defenses' throats. He is the total package. He has the chance to change the pro game, but he has to work hard for it.

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