Friday, February 13, 2009

Congrats Dan Morgan

The Associated Press has annouced that former linebacker Dan Morgan will re-joined the Saints after leaving them a season ago. Morgan retired last year due to concussions. Since is retirement, he has regained much of his strength and is saying he will give it a go. From talking to Mickey Loomis, the general manager, I feel like they're really excited to have me back," Morgan said.

Dan Morgan was released by the Carolina Panthers after spending time on IR for the season. He then signed with the Saints, after seven years with the Carolina Panthers. Before the season began, Morgan retired because he sustained five concussions he suffered over the years in Charlotte. Even though he is making a comeback, I don't know how he is going do. His performance could be shakey and he may suffer another injury. I see him back in the league for one to two years.

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