Friday, February 13, 2009

Thoughts on Brett Favre's Retirement

Brett Favre retired this week, and many football fans are sad. I'm sort of sad, but also not. He had a great career and we should be happy for the Favre family. He is one of the greatest players ever and he just made the QB position look easy. I agree with Brett Favre's decision 100%. I think it was time for him to hang up the towel.

Favre's career was a rollercoaster. His glory days, his struggles, his amazing game against Oakland after his dad died, and his drama with the Green Bay Packers. I watched the play where Favre threw that pick in the NFC Championship Game vs. NY Giants and that was heartbreaking. That could have been his last play, but it wasn't.

Last offseason was annoying to me, hearing Brett Favre and the Packer organization pick at each other. I was tired of all of the drama within a week. I think Favre shouldn't have came out of retirement because it ruined some of his legacy. Also, since he ended up with the NY Jets, there was going to be media and people all around him.

I didn't think Favre fit in with Mangini's offense. I thought with a Bill Bellichick product in Eric Mangini, I didn't think it wasn going to work out, and I was partially right. They started the season 8-3, but couldn't get into the playoffs. Favre's legacy will be remembered as thte quarterback who never gave up, the one who was the coolest in tight situations, the one who you would want with two minutes left in the game.

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