Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where Will Michael Vick End Up?

Michael Vick right now is serving a 23 month jail sentence for dog fighting, but his time is almost up and now he will be back in the NFL. So, what will happen to Vick? I see him being released by the Falcons, and here is why.

Michael Vick is currently in a contract, making 9 million dollars with a 6.43 million dollars bonus in the 2009 season. No one knows how fit Vick is and how he is going to perform. I don't know if anyone will trade for him. He is just too risky and his contract is too big. In the end, they won't get a good enough trade offer and they will cut him.

If they do cut Vick, there are a couple places he could end up. One place is in Minnesota, where they need a quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson hasn't lived up to his expectations and John David Booty is a career backup in the NFL. They could use a quarterback if they don't draft one. Another place Vick could end is San Francisco. Alex Smith is one of the biggest busts of all time, while Shaun Hill isn't the answer.

I don't know if Vick could play quarterback. He hasn't played in over two seasons and he may not have an arm anymore, but he can still play in the NFL. I can see him play wide receiver in the NFL, possibly the Jacksonville Jaguars. This may seem crazy, but I think if he doesn't play quarterback again, he could sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a slot receiver. Hines Ward is getting old and they could use another wide receiver if they loose home run hitter Nate Washington. I doubt this would happen though.

In the end, I see Michael Vick playing for the Minnesota Vikings in the '09 season. I think he will struggle in his first season back, but improve in the next two seasons.

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