Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 NFL Draft: 3-1-09

1) Detroit- Matt Stafford, QB Georgia
2) St. Louis- Jason Smith, OT Baylor
3) Kansas City- Aaron Curry, OLB Wake Forest
4) Seattle- Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech
5) Cleveland- Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB Texas
6) Cincinnati- Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia
7) Oakland- Vontae Davis, CB Illinois
8) Jacksonville- Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss
9) Green Bay- Everette Brown, DE/OLB Florida State
10) San Francisco- Andre Smith, OT Alabama
11) Buffalo- Brian Cushing, OLB USC
12) Denver- BJ Raji, DT Boston College
13) Washington- Rey Maualuga, ILB USC
14) New Orleans- Malcolm Jenkins, CB/S Ohio State
15) Houston- Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB Penn State
16) San Diego- Chris Wells, RB Ohio State
17) NY Jets- Mark Sanchez, QB USC
18) Chicago- Michael Johnson, DE Georgia Tech
19) Tampa Bay- Josh Freeman, QB Kansas State
20) Detroit- William Beatty, OT UCONN
21) Philadelphia- Knowshon Moreno, RB Georgia
22) Minnesota- Peria Jerry, DT Ole Miss
23) New England- Larry English, DE/OLB Northern Illinois
24) Atlanta- Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State
25) Miami- Clay Matthews, OLB USC
26) Baltimore- Darius Butler, CB UCONN
27) Indianapolis- Hakeem Nicks, WR UNC
28) Philadelphia- Eben Britton, OT Arizona
29) NY Giants- Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri
30) Tennessee- Percy Harvin, WR Florida
31) Arizona- Donald Brown, RB UCONN
32) Pittsburgh- Sean Smith, CB/S Utah


  1. Where's Knowshon Moreno in your mock draft?

  2. Vonte Davis to the Raiders... are you crazy? With the first 6 choices, B.J. Raji, Andre Smith, Rey Mauluga or Jeremy Maclin (who you dont even have in the first round) will be taken at the 7th pick instead of a cornerback.

  3. Raiders will not take a corner in the draft. Thats like the Steelers taking a QB. Nnamdi and Chris are a great 1 2 punch. The Raiders will ether grab Crabtree if he falls to them, Raji, or a stud T to solidify the line with gallery and henderson

  4. Maclin is a fringe round 1 pick at best. Terrible route-running skills. He'll be lucky to go before pick 20

  5. Pittsburgh taking a cornerback in the first round???
    Not likely! Offensive line or a receiver rto replace Nate Washington is a lot more likely!

  6. You need to do more research. The Raiders are not going to take a cornerback at #7 when they just signed Asomugha $50M and Chris Johnson $16M. Are they going to use #7 on a Nickel Back?

    No way. What you did was say "well Al Davis loves corners so let me give them the fastest on the board" Look into the needs of each team and find a match with value. Raiders are 31st in run defense and also need a right tackle

    Also, Steelers are taking an O-Line like Mack and I don't see Tyson Jackson, DE LSU in the 1st round. He will go to the Chargers before Beanie Wells